Need help with a new sick calf

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I'm not sure that aspirin mixed with LA200 is a good thing.  I've heard many tails of the side affects to that mixture coming on long after the illness is over.  Careful with that.  Banamine works well with LA200.

Baytril would have knocked this illness much faster with only one shot needed.  I like LA200 but not for this, and this instance.  I'm glad he's up and going though.

The cow with the injured hoof, did the vet give her a tetanus shot?  You'll have to boil that foot out with peroxide, and I'd use it full strength at first, then dilute it with 1 part water to 9 parts peroxide.  This will have to be done a few times a day at least and I'd switch the antibiotic to Penicillin and not LA200.  Two doses a day of Penicillin, for at least 5 to 7 days.  Maybe even 10 days.  Poor girl, you know that had to hurt some thing awful.

PAM!!!! YOU'RE BACK!!!  I have missed you and are so happy to see you here again!!!  The calf is doing much better.  I took his temp last night and it was 101.4.  We can't get Baytril here without an RX, so LA200 was the best I could do.  He got his last dose of LA200 this morning and I will have to watch for a temp.  This is exactly why I hate getting sale barn calves, they get shipping fever and god knows what else they were exposed to.The vet came out and debreeded this cows hoof and gave her a massive dose of LA200.We get the cow to the barn, get her bandage off, hoof is swollen to triple the size and she is running a fever. I was thinking Penn. would be the antibiotic of choice too but the vet put her on LA200 and aspirin.I thought abuot hydrogen peroxide too, but full strength? Won't that burn?  We been soaking once a day in iodine solution and very warm water.  The swelling is coming down but she still won't put weight on it.  When I took her temp last night it was 101.4.  She is such a wonderful old cow....she weighs about 900 lbs and could really do some damage to us if she wanted but she just stands there and lets us do whatever we want, bless her heart.  I think she knows we are trying to help her.  We keep her stall clean and she is dry and well bedded down.  This isn't my cow so I am just following up with what the vet did as far as meds go. She is getting 3 240 grain aspirin once a day but I told the farmer that giving her aspirin might help keep the fever down and relieve some of the pain.   The first night we took her temp it was 103.6 so the combination of LA200 and aspirin is helping.  I don't know about the tetanus shot, farmer didn't mention that but I will ask when we go down tonight.  So glad to see you here again have been on my mind a lot and I have been praying for you. ;)

Yeah, that's why the LA200 was what DH said, most others require RX and are harder to get....

I may be totally duh at the moment, but what does debreeded mean?

I think she means Debrided where they cut away all the bad and dead flesh.

Yes, Sunshine, thank you for correcting my spelling.  Usually I am a sticker for spelling but this time I was just plain ignorant!!  Debrided....that is what the vet did.  I put hydrogen peroxide on it tonight, she got her shot of LA200, 3 aspirin and we put hoof rot medicine on it and blue kote.  She still won't put any weight on that foot and tomorrow night is her last day of meds.  Not sure where we go from there....I don't know how long you can give that LA200 safely and she may be better off by giving her a different antibiotic.  As much as it bubbled when we put the hydrogen peroxide on it tonight I am sure there is still a lot of infection in that hoof.  We'll have to see what happens I guess.  This farmer paid 175.00 for the vet, he may have to give him a call to see what he suggests next.  I will suggest the Pennicillan as Birdie suggested and see what he says.  I know he doesn't have any but I have enough to get through till he can get some. 

Pam...we started using the pennicillan on our calf but he continued to get a fever and I couldn't get it down with pennicillan, that is why I switched him to LA200.  He just wasn't responding to pennicillan and with a fever of 104.8 I took a chance and switched him to the LA200.  He responded to the LA200 but he still isn't feeling as well as I think he should for being on antibiotics for 6 days.  He isn't running a fever anymore but he just isn't perky, not playing like the other 2 are.  They are all in the barn so they aren't getting wet or cold.  He will get up to eat and that's it.  He also has sores on his nose which he just got yesterday.  I think it is from the high fever he had for 3-4 days.  I put some triple antibiotic on it so it will moisten his nose.  Figured it couldn't hurt.  He has been through a lot so I am just waiting to see if he perks up.  As long as he is eating and isn't running a fever I am hoping he will start perking up. 


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